Introduce about the company

KH Shield Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in the application of Nano technology to produce anti-fire and antiseptic panels with the brand of KHS Panel. After a long time of research and testing, we have now produced a complete product to supply to the market.

With the current factory scale of about 6,000m2 on an area of 10,000m2 of land plus a modern production line system, we will produce the most optimal products to best meet the increasingly demanding requirements of customer


KH Shield has become a leading enterprise in the field of providing fireproof and bactericidal panels for the market


We develop materials production technologies in a modern, transparent, reputable and responsible way. Anti-fire and anti-bacterial products with excellent and unique fire and bactericidal resistance. With unique characteristics and wide application, KH Shield will bring new solutions for the construction, interior – exterior industry to achieve the highest efficiency and aesthetic, but still ensure economic , safe and environmentally friendly


Honest in thought and action. Responsibility in decision making and performance, to bring better benefits to consumers and the natural environment. Respect yourself, colleagues and customers.