Production process (general) of products: The main features of the product:  Product specifications: 
KHS Panel fireproof panels are manufactured on an unburnt process, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, the materials are mixed together, then poured down mold and flatten it to the desired thickness, wait dry and remove the plank from the mold, cut the specifications and scrub the surface. Our products can be recycled unlimitedly. KHS Panel has good fire resistance and especially almost no smoke when exposed to fire, in addition to the main function of fire protection, the KHS Panel has many other features. as; kill bacteria, eliminate bad smell, no termite, good sound insulation, good water resistance, no formaldehyde and heavy metals in products. Size 1,200mm x 2,400mm, thickness from 5mm to 20mm.

Standards and certification have been achieved.

+ Standard chemical and physical product after 14 days of production:

TT Explain Bending strength Formaldehyde content (detection limit of 5mg / kg) The swelling in thickness after immersion in water for 24h Specific weight
Heavy metal content in product (detection limit of 5mg / kg)
01 Plate from 5mm to 7mm ≥ 13MPa Not detected < 1,6% ≈ 1.070 Not detected
02 Plate from 8mm to more ≥ 15MPa Not detected < 1,6% ≈ 1.070 Not detected

+ Fire resistance: Fire resistance from 45 minutes to 240 minutes for fireproof wooden door structure.    

+ Bactericidal ability on product surface within 01 hour:

TT Experimental microorganisms Concentration of test microorganisms Sterilization rate
01 S.aureus 1,6 x 10^5 ≥ 90%
02 E.coli 2,1 x 10^5 ≥ 90%
03 P.aeruginosa 1,3 x 10^5 ≥ 90%