The situation of fire and explosion in Vietnam

A challenging problem that needs to be solved

Fire and explosion risks

Fire and explosion risks are persistent issues (fires in apartment buildings, factory fires, etc.) that occur frequently and cause significant damage to both human lives and property

Stringent regulations

The new regulations in QCVN 06:2022/BXD require stricter compliance to minimize fire-related damages and demand businesses to adhere strictly

Imported products have high costs

Products that meet the requirements must be imported from abroad at high costs. The domestic market needs high-quality products with cost optimization

A solution to the danger

KH SHIELD - Proud to be the leading fire protection solutions expert in Vietnam

Established in 2018, KH Shield Joint Stock Company specializes in the production of fire-resistant and thermal insulation panels in the field of firefighting. We take pride in FireShieldPRO®, a technology by Vietnamese, designed for the people of Vietnam

The FireShieldPRO® technology has uniquely led to the creation of KH Shield panels that are non-combustible, smoke-free, non-toxic, non-destructive, and non-corrosive to metals. Utilizing agricultural waste from Vietnam, natural minerals, fiberglass mesh, and adhesive materials, the KH Shield team has researched and engineered a safe product for consumers. The KH Shield panel remains unaltered by environmental factors, specifically, it is non-rotting and highly moisture-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The KH Shield panel is fully recyclable without limits and environmentally friendly, serving as a precise and reassuring choice for environmentally conscious investors. We take pride in FireShieldPRO®, a technology by Vietnamese, dedicated to the people of Vietnam."


Officer and employee


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Office and factory


Partners in various fields

KH Shield



KHS is a pioneer in providing superior fire and explosion risk management solutions for a safe and sustainable life


1. For Owners: KHS helps manage fire and explosion risks, preventing damages, by providing a safe and sustainable product.
2. For Design Consultants: KHS assists in managing risks of technical solution failures through products that consistently meet all new technical requirements and the increasing demands of the investors.
3. For Component Manufacturers/Structural Construction: KHS aids in managing business risks through products of stable quality and dedicated support to achieve the required Fire Protection and Prevention standards.
4. For Distributors: KHS helps manage business risks by providing highly competitive and significantly differentiated products, creating long-term and stable business advantages.

We have these





KH Shield


KH Shield, as a leading expert in fire prevention solutions in Vietnam, brings complete peace of mind and trust through maximum support services, top-quality products, comprehensive solutions, helping customers manage risks and overcome challenges in fire prevention and firefighting.

Reasons to Choose Us

Trusted Strategic Partners

KH Shield Joint Stock Company was established in 2018, specializing in the production of fire-resistant and insulation panels in the field of fire prevention and firefighting. KH Shield aims to supply Fire-Resistant Panels and Insulation Panels to both the domestic and export markets, contributing significantly to enhancing fire and explosion safety within the Firefighting sector.

KH Shield Joint Stock Company is a reliable partner for manufacturers of fire prevention and insulation products, providing superior solutions that create distinctive value for each manufacturing enterprise. Collaborate with us for efficient business operations, risk mitigation, optimized performance, and sustainable development

Proud to be a leading expert in fire prevention solutions in Vietnam

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