The devastation caused by fires is one of the worst disasters humanity can face, not only causing economic damage but also severe environmental impacts.

A major fire broke out around midnight on May 24th at a five-story house on Trung Kinh Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi, where many people were renting rooms. The fire erupted so quickly that many tenants could not escape in time, resulting in catastrophic damage. While the material losses can be repaired over time, the emotional pain will linger in the minds of those who survived.

When considering the protection of property and preventing the spread of fires, especially in densely populated residential areas, the use of fire retardant solutions is seen as an effective measure. For households and businesses, using fire retardant solutions on flammable materials like fabric and wood can be an effective way to protect property and ensure human safety.

KH Shield fire retardant solution – with its advantages of being transparent, odorless, safe, and environmentally friendly – is used to fireproof cellulose-based products like MDF boards, plywood, OSB, and fabric materials. Once treated with this fire retardant solution, the material’s surface will char upon exposure to fire, without igniting, releasing toxic smoke, or spreading flames, meeting the fire safety standards according to 𝗤𝗖𝗩𝗡𝟬𝟲:𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮/𝗕𝗫𝗗.

The major fires and their severe consequences remind us of the importance of effective fire prevention measures. It’s crucial to raise awareness and invest in fire prevention solutions to minimize the damage and pain caused by the “fire enemy.” Proactive prevention is not only the responsibility of each individual but also of the entire community, contributing to creating a safer living environment for everyone.

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