On April 27th, our partner, Amavi Construction & Interior Joint Stock Company, conducted a fire burning test on a two-leaf wooden door with glass panels, achieving an EI70 fire resistance rating.

Constructed from KHS.FA10 fire-resistant panels, we extend our congratulations to our esteemed partners for successfully testing the fire-resistant wooden door product – ensuring compliance with all fire safety criteria when incorporated into various projects!

The KHS.FA fire-resistant panel has effectively addressed fire safety concerns with its outstanding “3 no’s” advantages: non-combustible, no black smoke, no toxicity. This material is currently being evaluated by the market as the most optimal fire-resistant solution for all types of projects.

KH Shield sincerely thanks our partners for their trust and selection of KH Shield products. We hope that our partners’ fire-resistant door products will be implemented in numerous large-scale projects both domestically and internationally!

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