Application to make fireproof wooden doors: 

KHS Panel fireproof panels make fireproof wooden doors synchronous from wings, frame, splint and wings. In addition, KHS Panel fireproof panels also have the advantage that other fireproof materials are not available, such as finishing construction directly on KHS Panel such as painting, Laminate, PVC film paste … Especially KHS Panel fireproof panels almost no smoke is generated when exposed to fire.

Application of deodorant room panel, kill mold causing disease …:

Currently with narrow space in the city, the smell, mold … is an obsession for people, especially for houses The city is lack of ventilation and the offices are closed as well.

People will easily feel the smell, mold and feeling of lack of oxygen in those areas without opening the air conditioner. In addition, the special space such as Karaoke room, hotel room due to the need to be closed, the more musty smell. When using KHS Panel fireproof panels to cover the above closed spaces, it will completely overcome the odors caused by mold because KHS Panel fireproof panels have good bactericidal and deodorizing ability.

In addition, when installing KHS Panel fireproof panels, the air in the room will be very light, fresh and full of oxygen. Thus will significantly limit the causes of disease for users.

Application for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes: 

With the use of KHS Panel fireproof panels for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, there will be no mold and bad smell in the cupboard. Very good for everyone’s health.

Application for wood flooring …: 

Because KHS Panel fireproof panels have good water resistance (swells below 1.6% when soaked in 24 hours) and kill bacteria well, it will be very suitable for wood flooring because of the use of wood flooring which is exposed to high humidity and easy to mold.