Amavi Championship 2023: KH Shield Cup with Amavi Group


On the morning of January 21, 2024, at the North Rạch Chiếc Football Field (Ho Chi Minh City), a friendly football match of the Amavi Championship 2023 took place between KH Shield and partners from Amavi Group.

The matches between teams: Amavi Furniture, Amavi Solution, Amavi Travel – Amavi Landscape, and KH Shield were incredibly dramatic with enthusiastic support from fans, resulting in beautiful goals. After many thrilling matches, KH Shield proudly presents the outstanding achievements:

  • The Amavi Championship 2023 Champion title goes to: Amavi Solution team
  • The Runner-up title goes to: Amavi Furniture team
  • Third place is awarded to: KH Shield team
  • The Style Award belongs to the team: Amavi Travel & Amavi Landscape
  • The Most Enthusiastic Fan Team: KH Shield Corp.

With the desire to enhance collaboration and strengthen the bond among units, collectively build development, and simultaneously boost the spirit of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork, the players dedicated themselves to delivering beautiful plays and exciting matches, fiercely competing on the field.

The friendly exchange session not only left a positive impression on each participant but also served as a powerful motivation for both mental and physical well-being. Following this friendly match, the units are committed to continually fostering a sense of unity, mutual exchange, and closer bonds within the spirit of the game and, especially, in the workplace, promoting consensus and creating a positive working environment!

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