As a pioneering brand in the fire-resistant materials industry, KH Shield is unwavering in its commitment to the mission of creating positive value for the future through a sustainable development approach and tangible actions. We believe that responsible business is the key to unlocking prosperity for society, the environment, and the community. Therefore, each of our steps is directed towards a green and sustainable future.

Sustainable green construction is a globally embraced trend, and Vietnam is no exception. With the severe impact of climate change occurring, our country is experiencing significant consequences. This is why the use of green building materials is becoming increasingly important and receives more attention than ever. This trend not only saves energy but also brings aesthetic beauty and solid assurance to architectural structures.

Green materials are those that bear environmental responsibility, causing no adverse effects, are long-lasting, and must satisfy at least one of the criteria such as being non-toxic, recyclable, resource-efficient, having a long life cycle, and not causing environmental pollution. Based on these criteria, KH Shield has developed fire-resistant materials suitable for Vietnam’s agricultural waste, natural minerals, glass fiber mesh, and binding agents. The product plays a role in reducing thermal conductivity, suitable for insulation cores and cladding, as well as decorative coverings for separating and insulating products. KH Shield’s fire-resistant materials not only meet the demand for fire safety, helping businesses manage the risk of fire damage but also contribute to a healthier living environment in today’s constructions.

In evaluating the brand’s development and reputation over the past five years, investors believe, “Finding fire-resistant materials to ensure high safety for construction and meeting firefighting standards is not easy. As Vietnam’s architecture develops, the products supplied are more diverse to meet the increasingly stringent demands of consumers. KH Shield’s fire-resistant solutions can meet the requirements of large spatial architecture, unique structures, especially the criteria of green architecture.”

Not stopping here, in the future, KH Shield will continue to commit to the goal of sustainable development. This is not just about creating high-quality projects and products but also about specific actions that bring sustainable value to customers, partners, communities, society, and the environment. We recognize that wherever KH Shield goes, that place will become greener and safer, proving that development can go hand in hand with sustainability. Partnering with KH Shield means investing in a green future – a journey that we proudly share and build with the global community.

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