On April 16th, at the headquarters of Saigon Economic Times, Ho Chi Minh City, a seminar titled “Perspectives and Approaches to ESG of Enterprises” took place, concurrently marking the official launch of The Branding Club and welcoming new members.

Established in December 2023, The Branding Club is a member under the Saigon Times Club. The club’s objective is to connect, share, and inspire entrepreneurs in branding through the practice of ESG, fostering sustainable development with determination and ethics.

At this launch event, KH Shield Company officially became a member of the club, joining other businesses in exchanging ideas and reshaping perceptions of Vietnamese brands in the eyes of consumers, nurturing genuine and distinctive values for the business community in Vietnam.

“Sustainable development linked to ESG practices (Environmental – Social – Governance) is a growing trend globally. However, in Vietnam, many businesses still lack understanding about where to start with ESG, how to implement it, which organizations certify it, and whether it truly benefits businesses or is just a ‘game’ for economically strong companies.” These issues were partly addressed at the event, providing practical value to attending members.

With the goal of exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge, and building strategies for sustainable brand development in both domestic and international markets, the club promises to become a networking environment for members to learn and grow together in driving brand and business development forward.


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