In the early days of spring 2024, the atmosphere at the KH Shield factory in Binh Duong becomes more bustling than ever. Trucks carrying KH Shield fire-resistant and thermal insulation panels are constantly rolling, carrying with them the spirit of determination to develop vigorously in the new year. The journey of “greening construction sites” with KH Shield panels continues to expand to provinces and cities across Vietnam, from Hung Yen to Tay Ninh.

It’s no coincidence that KH Shield panels are trusted by many investors as one of the most optimal fire prevention solutions on the market today. The exclusive FireShieldPRO technology has helped KH Shield panels bring many superior advantages compared to traditional fire-resistant materials:

  • Green material: environmentally friendly and non-harmful to nature
  • Environmental change resistance: withstands high humidity, resists termites, and is non-corrosive.
  • Superior fire resistance feature: non-flammable, does not produce black smoke, and especially non-toxic. Provides protection for up to 3 continuous hours in a 1000°C fire environment.

We take pride in being the leading expert in fire prevention solutions in Vietnam and making significant contributions to enhancing fire safety in the Fire Fighting and Prevention industry, providing superior solutions and quality products, while minimizing costs for investors. Contact us now to receive the most attentive advice and support for any inquiries you may have!

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