Attend the seminar “Resolving difficulties in applying QCVN 06:2021”


The event “Resolving difficulties in applying QCVN 06:2021/BXD” taking place on March 18 attracted the attention of a large number of business leaders in the construction industry, in the context of many businesses still being confused. It is difficult to apply national technical regulations on fire safety for houses and buildings.

Attending the conference were industry representatives including:

  • Mr. Nguyen Duc Viet – Head of Fire Prevention Department, University of Fire Prevention and Fighting, Ministry of Public Security;
  • Mr. Dao Manh Ha – Deputy Head of Scientific Research and Inspection of Fire Fighting Equipment, Department of Fire Prevention and Rescue Police, Ministry of Public Security;
  • Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien – Head of Fire Prevention Research Department, Institute of Construction Structures, Institute of Construction Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction;
  • Mr. Nguyen Van Binh – Representative of the Center for Consulting and Technology Transfer on Fire Prevention and Rescue – Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department, Ministry of
  • Public Security;
  • Along with nearly 300 business representatives interested in this topic.
Hội thảo Gỡ khó áp dụng QCVN 06:2021/BXD

The conference attracted the attention and participation of nearly 300 business representatives in Ho Chi Minh City.

In turn, the questions of businesses were specifically answered by Mr. Nguyen Duc Viet, Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien and Mr. Tran Van Binh in the discussion “Resolving difficulties in applying QCVN 06:2021/BXD”. Most of the questions revolve around procedures and processes for registering for sample burning tests at the Institute of Construction Science and Technology, as well as specific technical information about material structures when registering for sample burning tests.

tọa đoàm giải đáp về quy định PCCC

A series of questions from businesses about applying QCVN 06:2021/BXD were specifically answered by three speakers.

The seminar is an opportunity for businesses to resolve concerns when applying QCVN 06:2021/BXD. Because this is a standard document on technical regulations, forcing businesses that want to apply must carefully study the contents to apply their technical solutions to design documents. The answers and support for professional questions from the speakers in the seminar helped businesses become familiar with both ensuring compliance with standards and producing in accordance with specific economic and technical conditions. of each product and each project.

In addition, within the framework of the conference “Wanting to Be Safe”, nearly 300 business representatives also experienced a series of new fire prevention and insulation applications of KH Shield for today’s leading fire protection solutions. today (protective covers for steel structures, fire trap doors, fire valves, air ducts, wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, etc.). All presented fire protection solutions are products that have met QCVN 06:2021/BXD standards, attracting and receiving the attention of attendees.

sản phẩm kh shield

Many businesses pay attention to the application of fireproof and heat-insulating panels for fire prevention solutions

The workshop “Wanting to Be Safe” was organized by KH Shield Joint Stock Company, a unit specializing in manufacturing fireproof panels and insulation panels in the field of fire prevention and fighting. KH Shield’s product system has achieved testing results at the Institute of Construction Science and Technology and the Fire Prevention University. The workshop was organized by KH Shield with the desire to help businesses choose the right solution to improve product quality, develop business and above all, contribute to increasing the safety of buildings using fireproof solutions.

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