Experts solve fire-resistant material challenge for karaoke venues


Sweating and Confusion are States of Many Karaoke Business Owners in HCMC and Surrounding Provinces.

In an effort to prevent serious consequences caused by fires and explosions, since September 2022, the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department has consistently conducted surprise inspections of a multitude of karaoke venues, bars, and nightclubs within the area. As a result, dozens of establishments that violated fire safety regulations have been forced to cease operations. Similarly, in neighboring provinces such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, and Tay Ninh, hundreds of cases of non-compliance with regulations have led to business closures and strict enforcement measures.

A karaoke venue has closed and rectified the situation after a high-profile inspection by the authorities (Source: Fire-Resistant Material Group).

Fire-resistant materials are not in short supply, but why is their application challenging?

According to PC07, one of the main areas of violation during inspections of karaoke businesses is the finishing materials, advertising signs, decorative wall and ceiling coverings within the rooms and hallways that do not meet the requirements for fire hazards of materials, such as flammability, smoke generation, smoke toxicity, and ignitability. To be more precise, it is necessary to replace unsuitable decorative materials with non-combustible materials like stone, glass, concrete, and alloys.

Replacing unsafe fire-resistant materials might sound easy, but it’s far from simple. Many karaoke venue owners faced with the need for compliance took the pause in operations as an opportunity to make improvements. However, they struggled to determine which fire-resistant materials to use, ones that not only meet the PCCC standards but also ensure safety, aesthetics, and suit the entertainment business’s nature.

During this downtime, many karaoke venue owners found themselves at a loss when it came to selecting suitable fire-resistant materials (Source: Fire-Resistant Materials Group).

Mr. Nguyen Quang Anh, the manager of a Karaoke venue in the Binh Tan area, shared that they had tried replacing the previous foam rubber decorations with metal, but it proved impractical: “We have removed everything and started over. I tried using stainless steel wall coverings, but the sound insulation was very poor. If you sit in one room, you can clearly hear people singing in the other room. Not to mention the sound reverberation is extremely headache-inducing and makes it impossible for customers to sing.”

Similarly, Ms. Tran Tuyet Hoa, the owner of a karaoke venue in Thu Duc, also faced difficulties in choosing suitable fire-resistant materials: “Using stone for decoration is beautiful, but it’s expensive. Other materials like glass or concrete are hard to decorate.”

A New Solution for Karaoke Decorative Materials

Many karaoke business owners are eager to invest in fire-resistant materials that comply with the PCCC safety regulations to continue their operations. However, they often find themselves in a dilemma, struggling with the passive choice of decorative materials for ceilings and walls. Explaining this issue, fire safety expert Nguyen Van Binh stated, “In a fire, the primary cause of fatalities is toxic smoke generated by the wall coverings, not the flames or heat. Therefore, decorative materials must also ensure safety in terms of combustibility, fire spread, especially smoke generation and toxicity, as per regulations.”

Although the options for decorative materials suitable for karaoke venues are limited at present, they do exist. Some entities have successfully provided fire-resistant decorative material solutions for karaoke, combining aesthetics and safety. A notable example is the KH Shield’s fire-resistant panels. These materials can effectively contain the scale of a fire outbreak, prevent toxic smoke, and safeguard the lives of the occupants. Expert Binh emphasized.

A Karaoke venue also utilized KH Shield’s fire-resistant panels for the ceilings and walls of the hallways.

In line with this view, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuyen, representing Vietnam Wood Company, commented, “Many karaoke venue owners are concerned about decorative materials for their establishments that not only meet fire safety standards but also address the issue of toxic smoke generation.”

Karaoke venues, with their enclosed design, soundproofing requirements, and extensive use of electrical equipment, are prone to electrical overloading and fire hazards. Due to the high density of people, a fire can spread rapidly, causing significant damage. Therefore, apart from considerations about fire-resistant materials for decoration, safety measures such as fire escape systems, fire containment compartments, and electrical network safety must also be ensured, adhering to PCCC regulations.

KH Shield: An Optimal Solution for Smoke-Free Karaoke Businesses

KH Shield’s Fire ShieldPRO KHS.FA fire-resistant panel is a specialized product for fire prevention in wooden doors as well as ceilings and walls.

Pioneering the application of the latest fire prevention technology, the Fire ShieldPRO KHS.FA fire-resistant panel has the capability to withstand fire for up to 4 hours. It is certified as a non-combustible material according to ISO 1182 standards, effectively containing fire spread. It is a rare product on the market that has successfully passed smoke and toxicity tests according to QCVN 06 standards, Appendix B, at the Institute of Building Science and Technology with the lowest smoke generation coefficient, HCL50, making it the safest option as it produces no toxic smoke, protecting human lives.

The panel’s smooth, flat surface design is conducive to painting, with a stable structure suitable for easy drilling and cutting during installation. Utilizing environmentally-friendly materials like agricultural fibers, glass fiber mesh, non-toxic adhesive, and free of Formaldehyde, the Fire ShieldPRO KHS.FA panel possesses antibacterial properties, is resistant to warping, expansion, and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes, and is durable and reusable, contributing to environmental protection. It is an optimal solution for large-scale projects, densely populated areas, such as shopping centers, market stalls, bars, karaoke venues, nightclubs, restaurants, schools, industrial zones, workshops, apartments, and condominiums.

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