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Steel structures are widely employed and prevalent in almost all current construction projects. In comparison to traditional steel structures, modern steel structures demand high fire resistance capabilities and must ensure fire safety. As a result, fire-resistant materials applied for protecting steel structures have become favored, among which the KH Shield insulation panel stands out.

The significance of fire protection for steel structures.

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What significance does fire protection for steel structures have?

Steel structure is one of the favored construction solutions today for large-span and high-rise projects. However, the fire resistance and insulation capabilities of most conventional steel structures largely fall short of meeting current usage demands and regulatory standards. For regular steel materials, structural integrity begins to deteriorate and deform when exposed to temperatures around 550 degrees Celsius due to melting.

In the event of a fire, the structural integrity of the steel components of a building can only endure for about 10 to 15 minutes. Subsequently, the upper structures may collapse, causing severe damage. To address this issue, fire protection measures for steel structures have been developed to enhance fire resistance and meet prevailing fire safety regulations. Nowadays, fire protection for steel structures can involve several fire-resistant materials, including:

  • Fire-resistant paint: Fire-resistant paint provides good fire resistance and insulation properties and can be applied to various types of structures, including steel structures. However, this option is less popular due to its relatively high cost and complex application process.
  • Fire-resistant coating: This option is more cost-effective than fire-resistant paint but still offers fire resistance and good insulation. However, the downside of fire-resistant coatings is their toxic nature and negative impact on the appearance of the coated steel structures.
  • Gypsum board: Gypsum board is a cost-effective fire-resistant material that is easy to apply for protecting steel structures.
  • KHS.HF.M insulation panel: The KHS.HF.M insulation panel is a superior fire protection solution for steel structures that complies with the strictest fire resistance standards in effect today.

State Regulations Regarding the Fire Resistance of Steel Structure Protection

To ensure the safety of construction projects and human lives, the government has issued regulations to enhance fire prevention and firefighting capabilities. Notable among these are the National Technical Regulations on Fire Safety for Buildings and Structures QCVN 06:2021/BXD issued by the Ministry of Construction, and Government Decree No. 136/2020 NĐ-CP.

Based on these regulations and decrees, the fire protection materials used for construction projects must achieve a minimum fire resistance rating based on the various fire resistance classes, such as R30, R60, R90, R120. These ratings assess the duration a steel structure can withstand fire until it loses its load-bearing capacity and experiences deformation due to melting.

The application of KH Shield insulation panels for protecting steel structures

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Application of KH Shield Insulation Panels for Fireproofing Steel Structures

When it comes to fireproofing steel structures, the quality of fire-resistant materials is a key factor that contributes to effective fire prevention and insulation. Among these materials, the KHS.HF.M insulation panel stands out due to its exceptional features and numerous advantages as a leading fire-resistant material in use today:

  • 3-hour usage at temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius: The KHS.HF.M insulation panel surpasses conventional steel structures, which can only withstand maximum usage for 15 minutes at 550 degrees Celsius.
  • Lightweight: Compared to reinforced concrete, the KHS.HF.M insulation panel is significantly lighter, making construction and transportation easier and more efficient, saving both labor and costs.
  • Non-combustible, no black smoke, non-toxic: The KHS.HF.M insulation panel does not exhibit the drawbacks that could affect human health.
  • Meets safety certification standards: The KHS.HF.M insulation panel meets all safety certification standards, ensuring compatibility with various construction projects based on current regulations and decrees.

For fireproofing steel structures, the KHS.HF.M insulation panel offers the following applications:

  • Protection for steel column structures: Single-layer covering for all four sides of the column, and double-layer covering for all four sides of the column.
  • Protection for steel beam structures: Single-layer covering for three sides of the beam, and double-layer covering for three sides of the beam.

The application of KH Shield insulation panels for fireproofing steel structures brings exceptional fire prevention and insulation results. This choice helps overcome the limitations of conventional steel structures and ensures fire prevention and firefighting safety for construction projects.

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