For the first time in history: The largest sample burning subsidy program from KH Shield helps save billions of Vietnamese dong for contractors and project investors.

“Indeed, the cost to obtain certification for fire-resistant wooden and steel doors according to the QCVN 06:2022/BXD regulation, the national technical standard for Fire Safety for Buildings and Structures, ranges from hundreds of millions to billions of Vietnamese dong, depending on the production capacity and economic capability of manufacturers or contractors. The practical process of sample burning results in high costs, even when multiple projects are combined with similar design solutions, sizes, and materials.

However, not every entity is fortunate enough to achieve successful results in their initial testing.

Understanding this demand, KH Shield has introduced an exclusive incentive program aimed at reducing the expenses associated with sample burning tests, saving time and effort for contractors and manufacturers. No longer do clients need to worry about the costs of test burning and preparing approval documents; KH Shield takes care of all that, leaving customers to focus on planning. Everything else is covered by KHShield! 

Expressing gratitude to customers with an unprecedented offer, exclusively available in March!

Exclusive benefits include:

  • Providing free test samples
  • Free technical consulting support
  • Free legal document preparation consultation
  • Special: 10% support on testing costs for successful samples
  • In case of non-compliance, KH Shield continues to offer 50% support for retesting (if applicable).
  • This program is applicable nationwide from March 4th to March 30th, 2023.

KHShield – Leading Fire Protection Solutions Expert in Vietnam

Proudly standing as a leading expert in fire protection solutions in Vietnam, KH Shield is committed to offering the most optimal thermal insulation and fire protection solutions. Guided by the principle of “PRECISE IN EVERY TASK, ETHICS IN EVERY ACTION,” the KH Shield team continually strives for development to provide fire and explosion safety solutions that contribute to a better, more prosperous life for all.

The inception of KH Shield not only meets the demands for fire and explosion safety but also aids businesses in reducing the risks and damages caused by fire incidents. The fire-resistant and thermal insulation products from KH Shield are of the highest quality and are the most trusted in the market today.

    • KHS.FA fire-resistant panels possess the capability to effectively prevent fire for up to 3 hours under direct flame exposure and temperatures of up to 1000°C.
    • KHS.HF.W thermal insulation panels slow down heat conduction and soundproofing, with a lightweight structure that is easy to work with; it is especially suitable for creating the core of fire-resistant and thermal insulation products.
    • KHS.HF.M thermal insulation panels have specialized thermal insulation capabilities, making them suitable for covering steel components to prevent fire and thermal insulation.

Technical fire prevention solutions play an immensely important role in all construction projects. It is hoped that with the useful information provided, readers will gain a better understanding of high-quality fire prevention technical solutions. For more detailed information, please contact us via hotline 0909 668 666 or email for support. The KH Shield fire protection solution experts are delighted to accompany you on your journey.

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