The 9th Monthly B2B is a business networking program held regularly on the 9th of each month, founded by Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine, in collaboration with various business associations and clubs, with the mission of helping businesses enhance their development through networking opportunities.

Kh Shield is honored to join hands with esteemed businesses in this program at Rex Hotel – 141 Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, to share values and experiences of each brand – helping businesses in Ho Chi Minh City enhance quality and improve business efficiency. At the event, Kh Shield introduced to businesses fire-resistant materials manufactured based on exclusive Green FireShieldPro technology and special fire-resistant solutions for fabric and wood materials. This is one of the effective ways to assist investors and contractors in optimizing costs, ensuring fire resistance, and maintaining high aesthetic standards.

We are thrilled that the Kh Shield team has received such positive attention and active participation from the businesses attending the event! These businesses had the opportunity to learn from and engage with Kh Shield experts to gain further insights and experiences in the field of fire prevention and safety.

We believe that the success of this 13th edition of the 9th Monthly B2B program will serve as motivation for businesses in Ho Chi Minh City to continue their development and contribute to the country’s progress. Let’s recap some of the highlights of the event together with KH Shield.

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