New requirements of QCVN 06:2021/BXD standards for businesses


After 11 years since safety requirements for homes and structures were first stipulated in writing in 2010, the Ministry of Construction has made many changes to the standards to improve and complete the regulations. regulations on fire prevention and fighting, and may be more appropriate to the current situation. Specifically, the requirements are in QCVN 06:2021/BXD standard

However, this change makes it difficult for businesses in the construction industry to adapt, especially in finding suitable fireproof solutions for projects when the construction materials industry currently does not have too much innovation. choice for investors to meet all requirements of QCVN 06:2021/BXD standards.

In addition, the regulations in QCVN 06:2021/BXD make many businesses feel confused about whether their projects fall into the cases specified in QCVN 06:2021/BXD or not.

1. The content is not intended as guidance or solutions

QCVN 06:2021/BXD is a standard document on technical regulations, comprehensive, but the content is general and does not go into in-depth instructions or technical solutions. Therefore, many businesses are still confused when they have to research the content of regulations to apply their technical solutions to design documents.

Many businesses said that general regulations such as elevator height have not been specifically explained for which type of elevator they apply to, or are required for all types such as passenger elevators, garbage elevators, and fire prevention elevators.

Similarly, regulations on ventilation systems and smoke protection are specified in both article A.2.29 and article D.9 of QCVN 06:2021/BXD. Construction businesses do not clearly understand which terms their projects need to comply with. Therefore, clarifying the scope of application of the above two appendices is necessary for businesses right now.

In addition, regulations on materials of pipeline systems are also more stringent than previous standards. Especially for water supply and drainage pipes using UPVC pipes or flammable materials of group Ch1, Ch2 must ensure both technical requirements according to the selected and applied standards, be placed in technical boxes, and at the same time ensure Ensure fire spread prevention requirements according to QCVN 06:2019/BXD.

Faced with the changes, construction businesses are also more confused as they are not sure whether in the case of hallway water pipes and basement drainage pipes, additional fire cover solutions are needed or not. This also causes confusion for investors and project designers.

Khó khăn qcvn 06

QCVN 06:2021/BXD standard does not have many in-depth and specific instructions

It can be seen that construction businesses are in need of specific guidance and answers to questions behind the general and technical regulations of QCVN 06:2021/BXD. The workshop on Troubleshooting QCVN 06:2021/BXD is being looked forward to by many businesses to urgently solve current difficult problems.

2. Suitable fireproof material solutions for the current situation

Faced with QCVN 06:2021/BXD standards for the construction industry on fire prevention and fighting, businesses are diligently searching for an optimal fire protection solution to meet all new regulations. .

In the past, regulations on passive fire prevention measures were somewhat looser than now, investors, designers and construction contractors had more choices for material products. built to suit specific conditions.

However, notes in Appendix F on the nominal fire resistance limits of some building components and parts have been added to clarify the principles and scope of application. Since then, the requirements for fireproof materials have become more detailed and advanced. Considering the current situation, there are not many reliable material options left for construction businesses, especially those that can meet QCVN 06:2021/BXD standards.

In response to the changes in QCVN 06:2021/BXD, on March 18, in Ho Chi Minh City, KH Shield Joint Stock Company organized a Workshop on Resolving Difficulties in QCVN 06:2021/BXD with the aim of answering questions. problems from overview to details of this new standard, and at the same time introduce optimal solutions to solve the biggest worries of businesses today. We hope to bring clearer views to construction businesses with this new standard.

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